MD-102T00-A: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator

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MD-102T00-A: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator

Course Overview

The MD-102T00-A: Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator course is designed for IT professionals who aspire to manage and secure endpoints using Microsoft 365. This course provides comprehensive training on deploying, configuring, and maintaining devices and client applications in an enterprise environment. It covers essential topics such as policy management, device compliance, and app protection. By mastering these skills, you will be well-equipped to ensure the smooth operation and security of endpoint devices in your organization.

Learning Path for MD-102 Certification

Why Choose SysCare Training?

At SysCare IT Solutions, we provide a meticulously designed curriculum that covers all aspects of the Microsoft 365 Endpoint Administrator role. From the basics of device management to advanced security configurations, our course ensures you gain a deep understanding of endpoint administration. Our curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices, keeping you ahead of the curve.

SysCare IT Solutions is proud to offer a team of certified and experienced instructors who bring valuable real-world insights into the classroom. Our instructors are experts in Microsoft 365 and have extensive experience in managing and securing endpoints across various industries. Their practical knowledge ensures that you receive the highest quality training, combining theoretical understanding with practical applications.

SysCare IT Solutions emphasizes hands-on learning through lab exercises, simulations, and real-world scenarios. This approach ensures that you can apply what you learn in practical settings, solidifying your understanding and boosting your confidence. By working on real-world projects, you will develop the skills needed to tackle complex challenges in the workplace.

Training with SysCare IT Solutions leads to an industry-recognized certification, validating your skills and knowledge in Microsoft 365.

Course Objectives

Deploy and Manage Microsoft 365 Services
Configure Endpoint Security
Manage Device Compliance and Protection
Implement Modern Device Services
Who Should Attend? Prerequisites
  • IT professionals responsible for managing and securing endpoint devices.
  • System administrators looking to upgrade their skills to include Microsoft 365 endpoint administration.
  • IT support professionals aiming to specialize in endpoint management.
  • Individuals preparing for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate certification.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft 365 workloads and services.
  • Basic understanding of networking concepts such as TCP/IP, DNS, and VPNs.
  • Experience with Windows 10 deployment, management, and troubleshooting is beneficial.

Key Modules

This module covers the exploration of endpoint management strategies and tools within Microsoft 365, focusing on managing and securing Windows 10 devices in an enterprise environment. Topics include endpoint configuration, management solutions, and best practices for optimizing device performance and security.

Learn how to execute device enrollment processes using Microsoft Intune and other enrollment methods, ensuring seamless integration and management of devices into the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Gain skills in configuring profiles for users and devices using Microsoft Intune and Group Policy, including settings for device configurations, compliance policies, and user-specific profiles to enhance productivity and security.

Explore application management strategies and tools in Microsoft 365, focusing on deployment, updating, and management of applications across Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Intune and other application deployment methods.

Learn how to manage authentication methods and compliance policies in Microsoft 365, ensuring secure access to resources and compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements.

This module covers strategies and tools for managing endpoint security in Microsoft 365, including configuration of security baselines, threat protection, and incident response to protect against cybersecurity threats.

Explore deployment methods using on-premises-based tools such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) for managing Windows 10 deployments and updates.

Explore techniques for ongoing management of compliance features in Microsoft 365, including compliance reports, assessments, and remediation actions to ensure continuous compliance posture.

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Enroll today and take the first step towards becoming a certified Microsoft 365 professional! Our training programs are designed to fit your schedule and learning style, with options for in-person, online, and hybrid learning. At SysCare IT Solutions, we are committed to your success and are here to help you achieve your career goals.